Taste of Peru DC

Sunday June 4, 2017 • Washington DC / University of the District of Columbia

Finally, Peruvian Food Has Arrived To The Nation's Capital

Peruvian Taste of Fashion Day



For the first time, Peruvian Taste of Fashion Day will present two Peruvian designers, alta moda designer Carola Solis, founder of the brand Solis and Mechy Chuquillanqui, founder of Pepuño and entrepreneur from the emporium of Gamarra, both designers will show their best collection on the runway to a select group of attendees. The show will take place on Sunday June 4 during the Taste of Peru Washington DC 2017 at the University of the District of Columbia.

People that would like to attend this show will need to buy a special ticket. To get tickets, please visit www.tasteofperudc.com/tickets

Please select Peruvian Taste of Fashion Day.

Access to this event will open at 1pm. The show will begin at 3PM


Carola Solis

Image-heavy fashion has become this Peruvian designer’s signature, though she’s left her fingerprint internationally, from her hometown of Huancayo to posh European cities like Bath.

“My accent is from everywhere,” laughs Carola Solis, as she sits comfortably in her breezy studio, filled with natural light. Speaking fluently in English, the fashion designer has lived a seemingly globetrotter’s lifestyle that took her from her hometown of Huancayo, in central Peru, to one of England’s most exemplary cities of architecture and design; however, it wasn’t for fashion, but rather furthering her education.

“I wanted to do the international development career because I lived through terrorism,” says Solis, explaining her big move to London in the 90s. Along with Ayacucho, Huancayo was one of the nation’s areas that suffered the most during those tumultuous years. “My childhood was overwhelming with everything that happened, and all that I wanted to do when I grew up was help my country become a better place.”

In between studying photography and international religions in Europe, she worked as an au pair, until she eventually returned to Peru to gain her Masters. With her humanitarian passion in full force, Solis joined the Red Cross foundation, a job that would take her all across Latin America helping others in need. By her last efforts, served in Chile to aid during the horrific 2010 earthquake, Solis had taught herself “that you really can change the place where you live, and the world, just by doing whatever you can do.”

On Sunday June 4, Carola will present at the Taste of Peru Washington DC 2017 Alpaca del Perú , in Washington DC, where international buyers will peruse a wide array of Peruvian goods. And like the agreeable guest she is, Carola has prepared a collection with vibrant colors and local images, complimented by alpaca bustiers and tops.

“Peru has been known for its raw materials, but the big step I want to take with this is to export the brand, the finished product. We have creativity here, and it’s worth showing.”


Mechy Chuquillanqui

Pepuño Designs/

Entrepreneur from the Emporio of Gamarra

Mechy Chuquillanqui/ Pepuño

Mechy Chuquillanqui/ Pepuño

Special thanks to Make up Artist, Greyss Linder, who will be providing her services to the models and Fashion designers that are coming from Peru. Thank you, Greyss!!!